Pricing for 30 lb. cylinders of virgin R22

*$290.00 per 30 lb. cylinder in 1/2 pallet (20 cylinders) or full pallet quantities (40 cylinders)  

*Standard Freight within ARK-LA-TEX to commercial destination with forklift only.  

​Please call for freight pricing to other areas or if liftgate service is required

Minimum quantity per customer - half pallet (20 cylinders, 600 lbs.) Prices subject to change without notice.                                                                                  

The purchase of refrigerant is restricted to technicians certified under E.P.A. Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.



Do HVAC contractors buy R-22 at the best price and pass the cost on to the customers, use alternate refrigerants or use reclaimed or recycled R-22?
Changes continue to come in the use of R-22 and alternate refrigerants in building HVAC and refrigeration systems. Uncertainty associated with changing E.P.A. imposed mandates in R-22 production and R-22 import quotas, coupled with uncertainty over the acceptance of reclaimed and recycled R-22 and alternate refrigerant have caused dramatic price changes in R-22 prices.
As a result, HVAC contractors are continually challenged to assimilate currently available information and recommend the repair or replace approach that is in the best interest of their customers!
AVA Refrigeration will continue to offer you the best R-22 pricing available on virgin R-22 to help you compare all available options and make the best possible decision!
All of our R-22 refrigerant inventory is purchased domestically in full pallets of 40 each, 30 lb. cylinders and remains in original packaging.




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